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About Ernie

There are many famous Ernie’s… Wise, Els, Hemingway, the list is exhaustive, but in our part of South London one Ernie reigns supreme. Named after a 1960’s milk float that we originally bought to help us deliver our coffee and to avoid an ever-increasing congestion charge we slowly came around to the idea that our money saver was possibly more likely a planet saver.

Hooked on the idea that our coffee company could be a force for good we have spent the last few years learning and investigating how to turn our coffee company into the most sustainable and environmentally friendly coffee company in London and where we could have the most impact within an already crowded market.

As seasoned veterans of the ‘vending’ industry, we were keen to bring some of what our consumer coffee business was doing into the workplaces of our wholesale clients to help make them more environmentally friendly whilst we maintained our commitment to value and quality… thus Ernie was born.

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