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Coffee that doesn’t cost the earth

Delivering great tasting coffee, minus the packaging, emissions and hassle

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Our customers love Ernie

“Having Ernie coffee delivered has completely changed our work coffee.  The flavour is so much better than the grounds we’d been buying, and so many people have commented on the wonderful smell that percolates out of the office whenever we are preparing a batch.”

University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“Sending a quick note to say thank you again for my coffee, I cracked it open this afternoon and made a double espresso in my stovetop percolator, little dash of water and it is so delicious.”

Skye Knight, Account Director, The Cabinet Agency

About Ernie

There are many famous Ernie’s… Wise, Els, Hemingway, the list is exhaustive, but in our part of South London one Ernie reigns supreme. Named after a 1960’s milk float that we originally bought to help us deliver our coffee and to avoid an ever-increasing congestion charge we slowly came around to the idea that our money saver was possibly more likely a planet saver.

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Sustainably fuelling London’s best work spaces

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Ernie & Friends

Ernie is our trusted and well cared for 60’s milk float that was the true inspiration behind our business and our modus operandi. Ernie’s friend Beryl is our cargo bike driven by electricity and peddle power. The two team up to complete emission-free deliveries across London. Beryl is a tad nimbler than Ernie for quick deliveries however, Ernie can carry up to one tonne of coffee!

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Our Coffee & Roastery

Ernie doesn’t just deliver great coffee from its London base, it sources and roasts speciality coffee that has come direct from farmers or through established trading companies to mean that we only ever deliver the highest quality coffees that have been through our stringent quality control.

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Ernie is a London coffee company through and through to the extent that our business doesn’t cater to anybody outside of the M25. This focus and commitment to The Capital means that our coffees don’t ever travel far, after they are roasted in our Elephant & Castle home, guaranteeing the freshest coffee available to our customers.

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While we don’t claim to be angels our commitment to making the coffee industry more sustainable is absolute. We are working towards being a carbon-neutral company, but in the meantime we want to make sure that our customers can sip Ernie’s coffee with glee, knowing that every delivery plants trees in the UK. Your efforts mean a lot to Ernie, which is why your account calculates your packaging and carbon savings after every order.

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, for an efficient and eco-friendly delivery we have a minimum order of 4kg per delivery within London’s Zone 1 and Zone 2.

At checkout, you have the option for a one-off delivery or subscribe for regular deliveries. You can arrange your ongoing deliveries for a time that suits you and even skip a delivery if needed.

What do I do with my containers?

When you receive your coffee, you will notice that there are a number of tags attached to the container. If you’re wondering what to do with these tags, the answer is nothing. Please do not remove any of the tags or labels on your container as we reuse and recycle them, so nothing goes to waste.

Once you have enjoyed your delicious coffee, you’ll have containers to hand back to us. When you order Ernie again or have a subscription, containers full of coffee will be delivered and exchanged for your empties. If you choose to discontinue using Ernie, please contact us for container collection and we will pop over to make sure no container ever goes to waste.

How are your containers sustainable?

We chose reusable plastic containers to keep our coffee fresh and protected from sunlight. Although plastic isn’t ideal, the container, lid, elastic and swing tags are all reusable for hundreds, if not thousands of uses. Other materials could have been chosen but our decision for plastic containers was decided due to their durability which reduces the likelihood for replacement and saves further resources for manufacture and recycling.

The ID and tamper seal stickers are made from FSC approved paper and are 100% recyclable. These are both recycled and do not go into the waste stream. The elastic is sourced from sustainable natural rubber and is 100% biodegradable if it becomes damaged or broken from repetitive use.

What if I damage or loose a container?

When you order from Ernie you agree to our terms and conditions. On all Ernie’s deliveries, containers are signed for and checked ‘in’ and ‘out’. A log for the containers handed ‘in’ and ‘out’ can be found in your dashboard. If containers are returned broken or damaged, a charge of £5 will apply. If the account is closed with containers failing to be handed back, a charge of £5 will apply to every container missing.

Can I speak to a human being?

YES! Please call 07710022677 or email Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form and someone will get back to you ASAP.

Can I drive Ernie?

Normally only our lucky employees can drive Ernie or pedal Beryl. But we think seeing is believing and often organise test drives. Our pop-ups can inspire your workforce to think sustainably and highlight your company’s environmental efforts. Contact us now if you’d like to see Ernie and Beryl at your workplace.

How does delivery work?

When placing your order, you will choose a delivery day (Tuesdays or Fridays). On your delivery day, containers brimming with coffee will be handed over in exchange for a signature on the delivery note.

On your subsequent deliveries, please have your empty containers ready for collection on your chosen delivery date. All containers are logged ‘in’ and ‘out’ on your account for 100% transparency and knowledge of containers on your premises.

Do you supply and provide support for coffee machines?

Yes, we have full-service capabilities for sourcing, installing, training and maintaining coffee machines for all requirements. Please contact us directly or complete our coffee machine form.

What if I want to cancel?

As per our terms and conditions you have the right to cancel your subscription at any time. Your subscription can be placed on hold or cancelled on your account dashboard. When you cancel, you will be contacted for Ernie to collect your containers.

What if I am not in your delivery area?

To see if you are in our delivery area please type the delivery address into our map. If you fall outside of our designated zone you can always contact us to see if we may be able to facilitate sustainable delivery from further afield.

Where does my coffee come from?

All of our coffees are 100% traceable and sourced from countries around the world. Green beans arrive at our roastery in Elephant and Castle where they are roasted to perfection and packed into our reusable containers. You’ll find the coffee’s country of origin in its description.

How do you calculate my savings?

Ernie replaces single-use packaging and emissions being used and emitted in coffee deliveries.

Your savings are calculated direct from what a ‘typical’ delivery would have used. Typically, one 1kg of coffee would be supplied in one bag, therefore ordering 10kgs of coffee saves 10 nonrecyclable bags being thrown in the waste stream.

Within our London delivery area, we know that our average delivery is 5 kilometres (we try to fit in as many deliveries on an efficient route as possible). Had this delivery been completed by a ‘typical’ diesel van, 0.91kgs of carbon would have been emitted into the atmosphere. Ernie runs on 100% carbon neutral electricity so per delivery 0.91kgs of carbon is saved.

Have a cup of green joe

Not only will Ernie save you time and money, but it will also make you feel warm toasty in the knowledge that you are helping the world be a better place for coffee lovers of the future.

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