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While we don’t claim to be angels our commitment to making the coffee industry more sustainable is absolute. There are still many aspects of our operations that we can improve on and every day we attempt to make things better than they were the day before.

To demonstrate this, so far, we have saved over 15,000 coffee bags and 3,000 boxes from going into the waste stream and saved over 2 tonnes of CO2 emissions this year alone. This is just the start and as we grow these numbers will increase dramatically.

All of our reusable packaging is sustainably sourced and specially designed to be long-lasting and wear-resistant. The end of life policy for our containers is that they are all 100% recyclable and used to create the cargo boxes on our bikes.

Our coffee calculator.

To keep a track of your own packaging, emissions and carbon savings just log onto your account where you’ll see just how much packaging and carbon you are saving as a result of buying your coffee from Ernie. Do well and we may even throw in a free cup or two to keep you fuelled and on your mission.

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