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Ernie & Friends

Introducing Ernie, our trusted and well cared for 60’s milk float that was the true inspiration behind our business and our modus operandi. Designed long before most of our customers were born, Ernie was ahead of his time and delivered emission-free milk around the East End of London until society put him into retirement along with his partner milkman.

Bought, unloved and unmoving, we took to refurbishing Ernie, back to his former glory and set him out to deliver our coffee in a more environmentally responsible way. Since then we have found other ways of getting around London to deliver coffee and Ernie has amassed a fleet of state-of-the-art cargo bike partners, each with their own moniker, to take some of the pressure of his old pistons.

So, whether it be Beryl, Betty, Ron or Ernie delivering your coffee you can guarantee that your coffee delivery emissions are zero and that we treat all of our pedal-powered vehicles with the same love, care and attention that we give to Ernie.

Want to know more?

If you want to find out more about refurbished milk floats or the cargo-bikes please get in touch here.