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Reusable carton of coffee with emission free delivery

£15.00 - 18.00 per kg

Single origin beans sourced from small holder farmers in Narino, Colombia. Rich volcanic soil develop flavours of chocolate, caramel and red currant. This coffee has a medium high body and medium acidy to balance notes of sweet chocolate.

Region: Colombia
Roast: Medium

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1-5151818 0%
Miniumum order size: 1 kg
1 kg

approx 0 cups at around £0 per cup
* calculated from 12g per cup

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0 bags redirected from waste stream
0 trees planted
0 of kgs of carbon removed from atmosphere
How do we calculate your savings?

How do we calculate your savings?

Ernie replaces single-use packaging and emissions being used and emitted in coffee deliveries.

Your savings are calculated direct from what a 'typical' delivery would have used. Typically, one 1kg of coffee would be supplied in one bag, therefore ordering 10kgs of coffee saves 10 nonrecyclable bags being thrown in the waste stream.

Within our London delivery area, we know that our average delivery is 5 kilometres (we try to fit in as many deliveries on an efficient route as possible). Had this delivery been completed by a 'typical' diesel van, 0.91kgs of carbon would have been emitted into the atmosphere. Ernie runs on 100% carbon neutral electricity so per delivery 0.91kgs of carbon is saved.

Total £0 (0 kg) £0 per kg - 0% saving

approx 0 cups at around £0 per cup
* calculated from 12g per cup

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